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I have been Interested in Horse Racing for the past 23 years(since 1988) and as with most would be gamblers started off as someone who did not have a clue what all those numbers and letters meant around the horses names when looking in the newspaper. 


During the 90s my gambling was a blundering attempt at trying to make it pay through Win, Each Way and the occasional Lucky 15 bets without much thought to any profit or Loss amounts. This was not helped by working abroad on a regular bases, It was a case of as with most attempting gamblers of sometimes winning and sometimes losing.


After finishing working abroad(2004) I then started to take gambling much more seriously and found out that I was pretty good at it and was showing regular profits on a weekly, monthly to yearly basis.This carried on for 4 to 5 years and became an added Income but decided the form studying was taking its toll on the amount of other spare time I had for my family so thought hard about how I could rectify this.After some thought I broke it down into 2 parts:

1. Rather than study form and look out for future prospects on all races and for all horses stick to a certain type of race which in my case was going to be handicaps however we all know there are handfuls of handicap races everyday so the next part was

2. Do it on Irish handicap races where the racing is not so frequent and the amount of horses to have form knowledge about is far less. After doing 3 months start off study before Investing I went head long Into Irish handicap betting and I Just could not believe how successful the first year went for me as to me I was starting a fresh at a new part of the sport that I had limited experience of and really put it down to beginners luck however after going past the 2nd year with the same result I decided this was the way forward for me and really to coin a fraise have not looked back and have put all my efforts into this continuing.


There is an explanation in the SELECTIONS sub page on the type of races, amount of runners, place terms and why I call this site ToBePlaced so please read on.






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1m HCP 45-65
5:30 PM  21, December 2017 Thursday
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