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How Bet To Be Placed came about

I used to get annoyed when picking horses that I thought had a very good chance of placing but only a very small chance of winning and having to place Each Way bets only for them to finish 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th(where appropriate), yes you could be showing some profits but every time 50%(the win part) of your stake was being taken off your placing profits.

Of course you had place only betting on the Tote but you did not know what the return was going to be and the actual placing price always seemed very low compared to the win odds so when the exchanges started up and the bet To Be Placed came about It was a fresh new beginning for me not only because you could bet place only but you could divide your stake up how you wanted to i.e. 40% WIN & 60% PLACE, 30% WIN & 70% PLACE, 10% WIN & 90% PLACE etc etc.

I did a 6 month study on my ongoing bets and compared the E/W bet profits to the Win & Place equivalent and could see that the latter for me was far more profitable,
So this is why I have named this site To Be Placed


Type of bets
The majority of bets that will be suggested on this service are
1. PLACE(TBP) only so having one of the exchange accounts(preferbly Betfair) helps but is not essential as some bookmakers also offer TBP on Irish handicaps also.

2. Win Only

3. WIN (X%) & TBP (Y%) to make up your 100% stake.
4. Each Way selections will also be posted when I think an opening price is extremely generous and a TBP price on this selection of your each way(50%) is probably not going to be reached or where the bookmakers are offering enhanced place terms i.e 1/4 first 5.
5. There could also be more than one selection given in each race


Race criteria
95% of selections will be in handicaps and will come from
1. 90% from Irish racing.
2. Races with 16+ runners (TBP first 4).
3. Races with more than 8 runners (TBP first 3).
4. Races that start off with 15 runners will very rarely have selections in unless there is what I would call extremely good value or there is a non runner bringing the field down to 14 runners.
5. The selections will also generally be in Handicap Hurdle races and Flat turf races with only the occasional Handicap Chase or Dundalk selection given.

Points System
All my selections will be given as point amounts on a scale of 1-10(0.5 point amounts will be used) rather than any £ amount as every Individual bets in different amounts so If Punter A’s maximum bet is £500 (10 points) compared to Punter B’s maximum of £50 (10 points) then 1 point for Punter A is £50 and 1 point for Punter B is £5.
I suggest to anyone who is subscribing for my selections to set there own point amount equivalent in £’s from when they first start subscribing as I will not be bragging on how much you could have won if you would have been betting to £100 a point as to me that is useless to anyone who is using £25 a point as I am sure every Individual can work out there own profits from the amounts they use as all my results will be given in point totals and POI(profit on Investment).


My Knowledge
I base all my selections from watching races live, watching replays, form lines, race times, draws(flat racing), breeding, trainers, Jockeys, value and even Just down to gut Instinct from extensive racing knowledge.


Unlike other websites I will not be saying I am going to have a minimum 10 point or 20 point profit every month as my only target is for me personally and for the selections given on this website is to:
A. Put me on top or as near to the top of the relative tables as I can be on the proofing website (
B. To give selections that show a steady on going profit to those who place there faith in my knowledge and ability and subscribe to this website.




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